Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Taxi (2004)


Taxi really made my wife and me laugh, but I couldn't escape the strong feeling it could've done better.

The opening stunt sequence is masterfully done, yet the story development after that is deeply unfunny, even with Queen Latifah.

It only starts to get funny when Jimmy Fallon arrives on the scene. He is an extremely funny guy, able to make the commonplace comic. His behind-the-scenes stuff are hilarious.

Trouble is, it's very hard to believe that such an incompetent could ever become a cop! Monk I can understand, Washburn I cannot.

That aside, it's a fairly enjoyable story - my wife is the acid test of story predictability and Taxi was either unpredictable enough, or funny enough that it didn't matter.

Special features on this are good, especially some of the technical stuff about the "Russian crane arm" that enabled some of the amazing driving stunts in the movie.


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