Monday, July 31, 2006

Stupid brilliant Frenchies

I can't remember why I had Jean de Florette on my list, but I recognised the music instantly. It's used as the themetune for those wonderful Stella Artois adverts which almost made me want to drink the stuff, except it tastes awful.

Why I say it's stupid and brilliant is that French thing (some Indian films do this as well) of setting up a classic insurmountable obstacle for our hero, which our hero then completely fails to surmount. For ones like me weaned on Hollywood, it's very surprising!

Apparently there's a sequel; I don't know if I'll watch it. It took a bit long to get to the denouement and I don't think I can bear another two hours to see if the sequel sets things right.

Interestingly done though. Our main character - Gerard Depardieu as Jean (is there a French film he's not in?) - isn't introduced until half an hour in, so as a viewer we're tempted to think the bad guys are actually "our guys" - ie we're meant to identify with the crooked pair plotting how to take over the farm.

An interesting, tragic tale. And the only reason I say it's stupid is because they so got me with the surprise at the end!


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