Monday, August 21, 2006

School of Rock

Not many people know this, but I wanted to be a rock star in my youth. (I know, I know, such an unusual thing for a young guy to want to be!)

So School of Rock (officially prefaced with a "The" which was endlessly debated in behind-the-scenes features) really pressed my buttons, but I think it pressed a lot of people's buttons! A box office winner, and a critical success.

Jack Black is so so funny, and director Richard Linklater gives him the freedom to just be funny. A lot of ad-libbing in this, so it really helped that the writer, Mike White, was one of the actors as well. Sarah Silverman has a very small role, and she jokes about that in the behind-the-scenes docos - but she's quite right. However, too many cooks spoil the kitchen when it gets too hot ... or something ... so good on her for going and making her own movie.

Full props to the casting people in School of Rock. These kids - all talented musicians as well as actors - had to appear not-good at their instruments before their own inner rock hero could shine forth.

A completely feel-good movie, worth a second watch. And my estimation of Richard Linklater has gone even higher because of his obvious versatility.


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