Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mr & Mrs Smith

I saw approximately 90% of this movie on ... ahem.. pirated DVD at a relative's place last year. The world is a just place and, being a pirated DVD, it froze at the very end, denying us the last 10 or so minutes. Ha.

So I saw the whole thing on the weekend, complete with two fantastic commentaries (one from the writer and director) and a great little featurette about the making of a complicated scene.

Some fantastic stuff to learn from these commentaries, particularly about shaping a story even when the ball is in place, getting the feel of the film right (not easy!), and deciding on the genre (it's a romantic comedy, in case you didn't know - a romantic comedy with bullets and explosions).

Very good stuff. I didn't like the trailer, but the film is really growing on me, particularly the summing up that the director, Doug Liman, gives it:

"Action is easy; Marriage is really really hard."



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