Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kung Fu fighting

My main character learnt Kung Fu today.

I'd pictured all sorts of ridiculous montage sequences, but instead just opted for "Kung Fu for Dummies" on his kitchen table.

Sometimes - most times - simplest is best.

I've reached 87 pages, and that's without padding, but instead by introducing a killer (well, I think it's killer) subplot. I'm getting closer to the magical 110 or so pages. Even though someone (apparently Woody Allen) said 90 pages is enough for a comedy; any more and it fails to be funny. Hm.

Of Note:

Box Office
  • Surprise. Da Vinci Code went really well ($224million opening weekend), despite being a load of old bollocks. (Historiographically, anyway. I haven't seen the movie or read the book so can't comment on it from an artistic POV).
  • Da Vinci code hasn't come out in NZ, so MI:3 is still on top, followed by romantic comedy Sione's Wedding, still number 2 after 7 weeks in release! :)


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