Friday, May 12, 2006

Sitting by the dock of the bay...

Wasting time is what I've been doing the last two days. Watching lots of Star Trek, and setting up some really cool Yahoo! Widgets on my desktop.

Ah well, it felt like work at the time! And that's the danger - activity so often feels like work unless we're very diligent to tell the difference.

I had a thought this morning as I was getting my hair cut. The barber asked me what I do, I said I write, he said what do you write, I said mostly magazine articles.

He didn't seem the genuinely conversational type, so I shut up. But the conversation continued in my head.

I said in my head that I'm writing my first screenplay. Then I said dreams are free. That thought floated around a bit, and then it dawned on me...

Dreams are not free if you intend to do anything about it.

It may not cost me any money to write my romantic comedy script, but it surely costs me in time (which may result in lost income potential), effort, and creativity - which is incredibly hard to measure.

A dream must cost you something if it's to be worthwhile.

So I'm finished with meaningless activity today. I'm back on the "doing something worthwhile" wagon.

Of note:

  • Uh-oh. The new Cybermen in Doctor Who look like the old Cylons. (Well, I think there's a passing resemblance)
New Zealand
  • Blue Willow, a short film by Wellington's Veialu Aila-Unsworth, has screened at Berlin and is "stirring interest around the world".
  • 10,000 BC starts production.
  • Feeling lucky, punk?
  • Fascinating breakdown of where April script sales came from. Heartening to see that a lot of scripts purchased were specs! "Drama" is the leading genre, but that's kind of a broad category...


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