Monday, May 15, 2006

Actually rewriting

Today I actually started the rewrite.

Well, restarted. I'd had one go at it before, but it kind of fell off.

Pictured, you can see all the other ways I've been "working on the rewrite". Books on screenwriting. Notes on the script itself. Notes scribbled down on the bus. Other romantic comedies. (Okay, I've got to admit I haven't actually seen Shaun of the Dead yet, but I just love the tagline: a romantic comedy - with zombies!)

So today I gathered together the benoted pieces of paper, and actually started incorporating them into the script.

And then, whaddaya know, a new idea popped into my head. It's a good 'un too. It had to do with online dating, so - having never done online dating before - I had to do some research.

I ended up reading some fascinating articles at Fascinating site. And the writers there have a habit of cleverly linking keywords in the article, so before you know it, you're reading six articles when you only intended to read one.

Very clever.

The upshot is, I only made amendments to one page today. Here's hoping for a better effort from me tomorrow!
Of note:

Truly Important
Box Office
  • Poseidon didn't live up to expectations. I don't really understand why people like disaster movies anyway. Although I did kind of like Titanic; probably because it was based on a true story. Interesting too to see Lindsay Lohan's rom-com Just My Luck didn't do so well.


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