Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Why does this happen to me...

I worked on my articles all day yesterday. Literally 8am till 1am.

Sometimes I wonder if my brain slows down to fill the time available.

Anyway, a short post this morning. I've got an article to finish.

Worse, it's not the usual case where I've spoken to lots of people and have to choose which comments to include or exclude. For some reason, only one - yes, one - of the people I contacted was actually contactable and able to give me an interview. I've been speaking to everyone else's voicemails and/or receptionists.

So, I find myself scouring some of the regular blogs I visit, making sure I don't quote too much from any one blog lest I accidentally commit plagiarism.

Plagiarism's sort of in the memeosphere at the moment, with all the talk about Kaavya Viswanathan's book and the bits that are almost word-for-word copied from Megan McCafferty's book.

Malcolm Gladwell has some interesting thoughts on the strange nature of plagiarism, but it seems most of his readers do not.

I don't intend to try the bounds of plagiarism today, either.

One thing though - I'm looking forward to finishing this article. I'm going to then jump on my script before anything else. I've been writing down changes to make; my next step is to gather them all together and actually apply them to the screenplay. Yes! That will be fun.

Of note:

Unbelievable stream of derivative movies instead of brand new concepts
WTF? (What the Fried?)


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