Friday, April 21, 2006

The Vision Clears

This rewriting thing is starting to make sense.

I have this habit of catching the bus to interviews and the like when possible - I save petrol, the planet (a bit) and I get to read.

So I'm up to the third chapter of Linda Segar's Making a Good Script Great, and I've finally got over the frustrated feeling that I've already heard all this somewhere before - not to mention the atrocious proof-reading! - to get to the heart of what the book's about.

So far I haven't read anything that wasn't in Story, albeit worded differently. I guess that's comforting - I'm getting consistent advice on the kinds of stories that 'work'.

What is good about this book - or maybe it's just where I'm at - is that I keep getting ideas on how to improve the story.

So I'll read one sentence and then grab out my notebook and scribble something down - not easy when the bus driver missed his Grand Prix calling - and try to get back to the book.

So far, I've begun to add layers of complication and identified the subplots I've already got that need fleshing out some more.

And despite feeling really tired this week, I've had to remind myself that this is fun. If it's not, there's no point doing it. That doesn't mean I'll give up as soon as it gets hard; instead, I make it fun when it's not fun.

I also had the pleasure of a few drinks with PR and journalism colleagues last night. Not being an urban dweller nor much of a drinker, I don't do this that often. I had a fantastic time and got to know some really nice people. Yes, even the PR people! :)

So I told Marie about this and we agreed, when the nasty big tax bill is paid and done with - we must get out more.

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