Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nice view

It was about 15 months before I realised I had a nice view where I work. Until last week it was obscured by a net curtain.

I don't know what made me do it, but one day I pulled the curtain aside to watch the birds fighting over the spoils to be had from these trees.

Anyway... the screenwriting continues. Or rather, the note-writing does. I'm writing lots of notes on myself at the moment, like:
  • D'oh! You've set something up without paying it off... pay it off or take it out!
  • Needs subplots ... what's already there in seed form?
  • How do the relationships between each character change?
I won't get a chance to work on it this morning, however, as I slept in and need to catch the bus soon to get to a meeting. However, bus time means reading time, which is a good thing.

News of note:
  • Found a quicker way to get a super-fast top up on movie news: Cinematical's video podcast. Not sure how to get the podcast from the site; but just go into the iTunes store and search for "Cinematical" and you'll be right.
  • Actually today's news wasn't that new: Catholic request for da Vinci disclaimer, Apocalypto release delayed .. actually, this bit was new: mi:3 might be great.
  • Vodafone NZ will be streaming live news on cellphones. Ups the stakes; not sure how many will want to tune in.
  • NY Screenwriter agrees with Hemingway that "all first drafts are shit". Oh great.
  • From the "this makes sense department", Lost looks set to become a global interactive experience.
  • Romantic comedy dept: Numb is coming. Matthew Perry starring as a screenwriter! Sounds a goodie.
  • Another book by Witi Ihimaera (Whale Rider) is to be made into a movie. Screenplay by playwright Hone Kouka.


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