Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The miracle of discipline

Discipline is an amazing thing.

For weeks now, I've been imbibing the message "write every day", whether from books or blogs or workshops. It's working.

I feel under par today. Got a big tax bill on Friday. Got a client who hasn't paid yet. Weather's getting colder, it's raining more often. My left eye is swollen up and it looks like I've been in a fight. Probably a sty, which happens when I get run down. Obviously doesn't take much to run me down!

Meanwhile, I'm up to the halfway point of my romantic comedy. In fact, the scene I'm writing now is probably the most important in the whole film.

Should I wait till I feel better perhaps? No. Because I am a professional. I write every day.


The more I learn about Hollywood, the more thankful I am for my "day job" as a freelance journalist. Everything I do prepares me to be a Hollywood screenwriter, even though the journalism is (hopefully) non-fiction, and my scripts are usually fiction.

*Every day I listen and read, looking for leads that can turn into a story.
*Every day or so I write, keeping a close eye on structure, cohesiveness and plain good writing.
*Every month I pitch, otherwise I won't have enough money for the month.

Swollen eye, unpaid tax and all, I have it pretty sweet. Might as well make the most of today!

Of note in the blogosphere/trades:
  • Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick are teaming up for a Christmas comedy. As the Movie Blogger notes, the premise is a little formulaic, but the talent is guaranteed to make it funny. That's the one thing a brand new writer can't say, unless they know, say, Danny DeVito or Matthew Broderick.
  • Oh wow. And not in a good way. Rambo 4? What's with the sequels, everyone? Then again, could be good. Who knows.
  • Keifer Sutherland has signed on for 3 more years of 24, plus exec producer, plus a deal. And, he's talking about a 24 movie. Hopefully not a 24-hour movie, though if it's as well done as the TV show, I'm sure we won't mind!


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