Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blurry perseverance

I look a little better today ... at least in the bathroom mirror.

Eye still swollen. Energy still low. Still, only today to get through and then there's the Easter holiday... which is starting to look busier and busier with little bits of writing projects. We'll see how they go.


I successfully passed the halfway point in my script yesterday, and I think it won't be too short (please God?). Anyway, the important thing is finishing the first draft and then seeing where it needs some help.

All I can say is that there was confetti and happiness in yesterday's writing, and while that's normally the end of a romantic comedy, there's another big suspense thing that's looming over our characters.

Did I mention that this is such fun? It's hard work, sure, but some of the most satisfying work I've ever done.


I finished The Writer Got Screwed. Even for a book published in 1997 it is so helpful in understanding the basics of copyright law (very similar to NZ copyright law, thankfully!) and laying a foundation of useful knowledge.

There was even a chapter on writing for the gaming industry, which I had naively thought was fairly new. Nope! The same questions I'm asking in 2006 were being asked in 1997. It'd be great to know how much has changed in that industry since then. One thing's sure - I don't hear anyone talk about "Silliwood" (Silicon Valley meets Hollywood).


My next book is Making a Good Script Great by Linda Segar. It's perfect for where I'm at, because I'm nearly (kind of) finished first draft, and soon will be going for the rewrite. I read the intro last night - I kept on having to stop because each paragraph was giving me so much food for thought. Or maybe I was just tired.


I discovered something amazing last night: I'd heard of 43folders before, but I hadn't heard of this, with its feature where you enter "What do you want to do?"

I typed in my response: "Finish my screenplay". Then it brings up everyone else in the network who also wants to "finish their screenplay"! Amazing. You can see it here.


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