Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Strange Bedfellows

How's this for high concept: Crocodile Dundee and the guy from The Castle pretending to be a gay couple in a small Australian town.

That's the premise of Strange Bedfellows, a really good Aussie comedy I watched on the weekend.

At first this film seemed full of cliched Aussie small-town characters, plot exposition through lengthy dialogue, and story twists you can see coming a mile away.

Sure enough, you can see what's going to happen but you can also see the likely reaction from townsfolk. The real twist for me came when the blokes go to King's Cross in Sydney to research "how gay people act" - and discover warm human beings, who also like working on motorbikes and are fairly normal people, despite their clothes.

This setup is handsomely paid off in the film's denouement ... which I won't give away. But it is touching.

Good overall message - that we are all human beings, and need to see each other as such rather than stereotyping each other.

As a Christian who sees gay people as just people like everyone else, but still believes what the Bible says about homosexuality being wrong, I hope that maybe one day a filmmaker will be courageous enough to portray the difference between accepting people, and endorsing their behaviour as normal.


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