Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Finding Forrester

Part of Marie's Psychology course, Finding Forrester was a neat film to watch on a Friday night.

High concept at work here: J.D.Salinger-type author meets 16-year-old basketball-playing Bronx black literary prodigy.

Some very witty dialogue and great double-entendres here, as you'd expect from a movie about writing. As well, some good advice on the art of writing itselt ("Write first, then think. Write from your heart; rewrite with your head.")

Sean Connery is good as this grumpy old man with a gift, but he didn't hit the highs and lows to my complete satisfaction. I wonder, given the other roles Connery has taken on which all tend to be pretty outgoing, whether he was right for this reclusive role. I don't know.

Rob Brown is amazing in the role of Jamal. Especially amazing considering this is his first acting role ever! Great to see he has carried on in the film world.

F.Murray Abraham made a good baddie in Professor Crawford, but I wondered if he wasn't too easy to hate. I always like a baddie that we kind of feel for. None of us is completely good or bad.

Great story, though, and thoughtful direction from Gus van Sant. This didn't wow me like Moulin Rouge or School of Rock, but the story and its lessons will definitely stay with me a long time.


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