Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Computer Angst

I continually amaze myself with my capacity to waste time on useless frustrations.

This morning I couldn't connect to the internet. Well, I sort of could, and that was the problem.

The modem said it was connected, I could get my email, but most websites, not to mention my weather widget, wouldn't load.

A sensible person would have figured out that something was wrong with the network, and got on with other stuff. (Yes, there was stuff I needed to do that didn't require the internet)

But not me. After saying a few things to the computer to try and hurt its feelings, I went over to my wife's laptop and checked if the same thing was happening there. It was. So it's not the computer. Sorry.

So I plugged the lappie into the phone line and used dial up. No problem! It's all working okay.

That does it, I say to myself. No more Woosh Wireless. I'm sick of being disconnected every time it's a windy day. So I went ahead and changed ISPs. Instead of doing useful work.


I've been watching the video podcasts from Four Eyed Monsters and, while I still don't have a clue what the film is about, I can identify with the latest episode, where Aaron self-sabotages himself. Hopefully my behaviour doesn't go to such extremes.

I would say, at least I'm aware. But so is he, and it doesn't stop him sabotaging himself. Never mind, Simon, just keep taking the pills and practising your affirmations...

The thing about Four Eyed Monsters is that it is extremely compelling and at the same time takes itself way too seriously. I don't know if we have ever had such a self-psychoanalysed culture. I see these people and feel like yelling "Do something normal!" at them. And on the other hand, I feel their pain.

Maybe the movie itself is more coherent. Sounds like a goodie anyway.

So the upshot of all this ranting is that I'm not getting any script writing - or rewriting - done so far. It's 9:13, and I need to be out of the house at 9:55 for an appointment, then there's a farewell lunch for an old friend who's jetting off to the UK. Then back here to catch up on the paying work... then out tonight... maybe the script will get some TLC tomorrow.. (sigh).

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