Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The rewrite thickens ... and is stirred

When I was doing first draft, the doctrine of writing at the same place, same time every day, worked.

Now it's rewrite time, and I'm all out of whack. The best ideas are coming on the bus, as I read Making a Good Script Great.

Still, I had a good flow of rewriting creativity the other day when I opened the script, saved it as version number two and started to elaborate some of the on-the-bus ideas.

Anyway, I thought it better to spend more time actually rewriting and less time thinking of stuff to say on this blog.


But not before pointing out something really exciting I found Monday night - the Game Writers' Interest Group! If you're interested in writing for computer games, which by all accounts should become a very thriving industry, there is an industry group. I also found out that the British and Australian Writers' Guilds are also putting resource into training for this area. As for the New Zealand Guild, well... I've seen one article on the subject in Write Up magazine. Early days...

News of Note:

Distribution/Business Models
  • Walden lays out Narnia plans. I thought I'd heard them say Caspian by Christmas this year, turn out they'd meant next year, now it'll be the year after. Better good than early.
  • They're bringing back K-9 to Doctor Who. Dreadful. Or Cute. Or both.


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