Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sione's Wedding

The Writing Effort
I'm late but great - had intended to write before going out tonight, but hey, I seem to get better as the night gets on.

That's another piece of advice I'm still 'working on' - writing every day, at the same time each day. Well, at least I'm writing in the same place. Helps that I don't have a laptop I guess.

It's our 8th wedding anniversary today, and to celebrate we went to see Sione's Wedding (and it was cheap 'cos it's Tuesday - that's why there were a lot of other Samoans in the audience I bet! :)

Brilliant! At last a movie that is authentically kiwi, uniquely Pacific and thoroughly commercial. Yes folks this is a movie, not a film. I'd love to know if it's being released overseas (apart from Samoa, where it has done really well apparently) because some of the humour might not translate.

It was great seeing this one with an audience. Laugh-out-loud jokes just got funnier because of the way some people cracked up at them. That's what I like about the Pacific Island culture - there's a willingness to laugh at life, and that laughter is contagious.

Skimming The Trades
(or my version of the trades - what I can get for free on an RSS feed, which is pretty good!)
Okay, that's enough for today. On to writing an actual script!


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