Monday, April 03, 2006

Even if it's only 15 minutes...

Hey, this is working (one day in!). It's 10:13pm on Monday night, about an hour before Marie gets home, and we talk, talk, talk, and the day is over for writing.

So, even though my 'day job' is fairly urgent (deadline last Friday!) I must write something on my script today. Tonight.

It's been a good day. Slept in (went to bed at 2:24am last night - getting my tax stuff ready to send to the accountant... love business), cooked breakfast and lunch today - I was in a cooking mood - and before Marie went to work in the afternoon we listened to a podcast on Psychology. I'm kind of learning over her shoulder; astounded how much I already know from marketing and being crazy.

Then I listened to a podcast of an interview with Tyler Perry. Wow that guy is inspiring. Looking forward to seeing his movies soon.

Then another podcast from the Writing Show, an interview with an Irish author who's done a bit of everything. Cool finding from that: he wrote one play about women who'd been murdered and got actresses to fill in the backstory by way of a questionnaire. As it happened the actresses moved on and other actresses played the parts, but it's kind of an interesting way to write a play.

Then, as I was doing the dishes tonight, I finally caught up with the producers' panel - Movers and Shakers - from the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. I love the internet.

Right! After fulfilling my promise to you, my hordes of loyal blog readers, I shall now actually write the script. Some of it. Okay. Simon out.

... oh, really enjoying The Writer Got Screwed (but didn't have to) as well. Thanks again to Adam for the original recommendation, so many moons ago.


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