Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't read this unless you've seen Fight Club

Last year at the Janet Roach screenwriting workshop it seemed like everyone had seen Fight Club except for me. And Janet Roach.

Finally, I have remedied the situation. And I'm so glad I did!

Sheer. Genius.

I was mentally writing my review as the film unfolded. Nihilism. Masculinity. Insecurity. Charismatic, manipulative leaders.

And then came the moment - or series of moments - when our main character realises that his best friend and worst enemy is himself. That would be quite weird, realising that you are actually Brad Pitt!

Anyway, this was one of those movies where you feel absolutely spoiled. Cinematically, it's so well done and crammed with details. Story-wise, it's deliciously ambiguous in its philosophy, so your mind is constantly trying to decide if you agree with what each character is doing or saying.

I love stories like this - and A Beautiful Mind, and The Sixth Sense - where in one moment you have to revisit everything you've seen thus far, and see it in a new light. Brilliant.

Good special features from the technical side, with footage of location scouts right through production, but very little on how on earth they came up with that story. That was quite a disappointment.

Thankfully I also had information about Fight Club in the book I'm reading at the moment, the Sundance Kids, and a book I haven't started yet, What Just Happened?: Bitter Hollywood Tales from the Front Line (which I see is being made into a movie, as is another book I've read, Down and Dirty Pictures. Movies about movies haven't done too well in the past...)


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