Sunday, January 29, 2006

Why I am an expert on women (my attempt at humour writing)

I am an expert on women. Or at least I should be, because I don't know that much about men, and I am one of those.

So what are my "women expert" credentials? Um. Not what you might imagine.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those losers who forms a Casanova club, sharing so-called secrets about how to 'get' women and then goes on a TV show about speed dating and absolutely gets nowhere.

In fact, I've never tried speed-dating. I got married after four years of being "just a friend", and then when it was more than "just a friend" I wasn't sure I could cope with the excitement.

So why the "women expert" label? Let's see... raised by my mother and sister, married to a woman with only one sibling - a sister. When I work in a 'real job' (ie in an office) it's usually with a female-dominated staff.

So, that makes me an expert. Or at least familiar with women. Kind of.

And yet, in my book of "everything I understand about women", this is all I've got:

A woman can, for no seeming reason whatsoever, decide you don't suit a rather funky pair of sunglasses. No explanation is required.

That's all I got. So much for being an expert.


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