Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What bothers me about The Writing Experiment

(Verbatim from my handwritten journal sometime after Christmas day 2005)

Here is what I suppose has bothered me about The Writing Experiment all along: the unholy alliance of craft and political beliefs.

The book dogmatically states that there is no such thing as apolitical writing, and then goes on to make connection that to my mind are arbitrary and fickle.

And the politics and views in question are suspect, even if they are popular. Particularly the attitude towards gender and sexuality, making gender a floating rather than fixed reality, making homosexuality normal, and demonising any disagreement to this as coming from hatred or fear.

It is just as dogmatic a way of thinking as the right-wing conservative Judeo-Christian ethic it reacts so strongly against. And yet in some ways it is more insidious because it still presents as the underdog, and as the route for free thinkers to take.


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