Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A gem from Constantine

Over the weekend I watched Constantine. Not bad. Pretty whacked theology, but a kinda compelling main character and a surprise-filled plotline. They also did the George Lucas thing of creating a different world and just assuming you know the rules - even though you couldn't possibly.

Anyway, a gem from the director's commentary: if you need to do exposition (explanation of the story) do it while the main character is working. Constantine's work involved investigating and fighting demons, so his day at work made for interesting viewing.

Putting story in the context of work rings a bell of reality in the viewer/reader. After all, we all have to work, and our work takes up a lot of our life. Therefore, it becomes a certain part of our identity.

Stephen King identified the same thing in On Writing : A Memoir Of The Craft. Another good book that I should probably reread sometime.


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