Friday, September 02, 2005

Team America: World Police

This movie is incredibly hilarious. Sure, most of the humour comes from saying inappropriate things in settings where you wouldn't ordinarily hear that sort of stuff, but it still works.

For example, the theme tune - just like the kind of theme songs for cartoons when I was little - but with potty-mouthed words: "America! F%&# yeah!"

The creators of this film were right, any action film with puppets would be funny, just because it's puppets.

But story-wise, these guys actually put together a good show. It was obvious and transparent how they set things up and paid them off, but that transparency or cynicism actually makes it easier to see how stories are put together.

And of course, we couldn't get too emotionally attached to the characters, because they were f%&*$ng puppets! ;) As we were reminded every time the strings showed, or especially when they walked!

Anyway. Good film.


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