Monday, September 05, 2005

Not the 9o'clock news

Got the DVD of the Best of Not the 9 o'Clock news recently ... I was too young to see them when they first came out (a bit rude in some bits!).

Gosh, those guys are funny. You can see Atkinson having some pre-Mr. Bean moments as that character began to form. Alas Smith and Jones are just smashing comedians - and actors for that matter. And Pamela Stephenson is funny! All I really knew about her was that she was married to Billy Connolly - who guests here a couple of times - but I'd never heard or seen much of her comic performances.

Anyway, the best thing about NTNON isn't so much its writing - although that is good - it's the delivery, plus the editing. These guys picked up where Monty Python left off, knowing just what you could do with close cuts to incongruous things, and tying in contiguous scenes with the flimsiest of premises.

Brilliant. I want to be like that when I grow up. :)


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