Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Two time machines

Very briefly, because there isn't much time: I saw both The Time Machine (1960) and The Time Machine (2002) the other day. Both very good works.

Significant differences:
  • In 1960 the world's end was because of nuclear disaster and war; in 2002 it was because of man meddling with the environment (the moon, to be precise)
  • The 1960 film allowed Yvette Mimieux as Weena to be a genuinely dumb blonde; Samantha Mumba's Maya, on the other hand, is one of her race's intellectuals. And 2002's dark-skinned Eloi made more sense than the Nordic looking Eloi of 1960.
  • Both films had great action and special effects for their time. They both took an unlikely action hero - an inventor and a professor respectively - and turned him into a fighting machine through his experiences.
  • Interestingly, the 1960 version had Americans playing Britons; the 2002 version had an Australian and a lot of English actors portraying Americans.


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