Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What the f*** is wrong with NZ drama? (Another rant)

I f****ng watched The Insider's Guide to Love on f***ing telly last night, and s**t, what's wrong with this f***ing country?

The characters - just about f***ing all of them - can't seem to string a f***ing sentence together without f***ing swearing like some f***ing teenager out with his f***ing friends.

What's the f***ing deal? The same bloody thing was true for Fracture - only there was a bit more f***ing variety in the bloody language there.

S**t. I can't help but wonder, are we as a nation trying to prove that we are, uh, f***ing grown up! While both Fracture and The F***ing Insider's Bloody Guide to Love were pretty good for story, the amount of bad language and sexual references seemed just a bit desperate.

What are we trying to f***ing prove?

Or are we trying to devalue our language? Soon enough we'll need to find - or make up - some new swear words for when something really dramatic needs to be said.



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