Monday, October 03, 2005


Our first exercise on Saturday was to take an image and make it into a creation story. Big ask! Here's my attempt, based on my cellphone:

In the beginning, the ON button was pressed. The hourglass appeared; sand rushed through the tiny space to the bottom, and then appeared the Welcome Screen. And the Welcome Screen said "How are you?".

Nobody answered, for the world was empty and without form. The PIN was entered and there was light and life.

"Searching for network" said the screen and in searching, the network was found. Where the network comes from, nobody knows. All you know is that without the network, you may as well hit the OFF button. There's no point without the network.

MENU ... Settings ... My Stuff. Let there be... plants, animals, birds, sea creatures... wallpaper, and a crazy frog ringtone.

On second thought, forget the crazy frog.

SIM opened his eyes, breathing air for the first time. The world was so beautiful. A stunning variety of life, plants, animals, birds and sea creatures.

But one thing drove SIM more strongly than anything else. In his innermost being, SIM, without thinking, was reaching out to find the network.


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