Monday, October 03, 2005

Through the Mythic Lens workshop - 1 October 2005

On Saturday I was privileged to be part of the NZ Writers' Guild workshops, Through the Mythic Lens, hosted by Jacqueline Feather, a kiwi based in Hollywood who studies mythology.

It was good, and very practical. Lots of exercises where we had to really search our hearts for our own myths.

It was also great to catch up unexpectedly with Tony Forster, who's turning his hand to writing as well as Assistant Directing and Directing. We had a great catch up afterwards in a cafe called Logos, which ironically means Word.

Some basics from the workshop (I'll post my exercises as separate posts):

What is myth? Greek definitions:

mythos = story
logos = structure/speech (or word, or idea)
poesis = crafting

  • "Myths are metaphors linking the invisible with the visible."
  • "The stories that we tell ourselves are ultimately what determines our reality." Joseph Campbell (George Lucas was a Campbell protege)
  • Archetypes - the Greek gods are useful as archetypes.


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