Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh my poor DVD player...

Y'know it was just a few weeks ago our VCR/DVD combo was working fine. On a Sunday night I'd watched Veronica Guerin and left the disk in the machine.

Monday morning, the screen was frozen on the menu. Yikes! Normally it helps to eject the disk and start again... but "no disc" came up... double yikes!

After testing a few other DVDs - and throwing a cushion at the TV - I decided it was time to actually take it in for repairs.

Turns out if we had a cheap and nasty $80 DVD player - as opposed to our luxurious DVD/VCR combo - we could've had it replaced then and there.

Instead, we have an "optical receiver" that needs replacing, which will take at least until next week to get there.

Not happy.

Sure, at least there's the DVD player on Marie's laptop. But its quality is patchy - sometimes it's great, sometimes it skips and trips like a drunkard. What unspeakable suffering this is causing me! Oh the humanity!

Not to mention the 14 inch screen compared with our TV's 29 inches. And the fact we have to move the laptop over to where the TV is to watch comfortably - so inconvenient, all that plugging and unplugging...

Now when did I become such a spoiled brat!!?


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